Two Kinds Of Summer Salads

We’re making two summer salads with Camille’s Restaurant.
poke aroundro on. it’s’s calledle save one.com. back to lily in the kitchen. >> lots of great fresh ingredients and it looks like over here you have a bun in the oven. burn because nobody can seeca otherwise. e. >> wait a minute.. >> and you already have aal bundle. >> people know me and i have a bundle. >> it’s so’s cute. very nice, that’s my kind off bundle of joy. >> good morning. >> tv maitre d’ joe zito, tell me, first of all, i love — i’m i very excitewood thisry,d because i never really grillneed fruit before, but trehat’s aha great addition. >> you can grill peaches, plums, pineapples. >> tell me some of the fresh ingredients. >> this is high in i fiber, we have chickve peas, kidney beans, an we’re going to add sliced celery, red onions, apple vinegar, suing hard and oliveol oil. stop taking my corn. we’re going to finish it with fresh oregano. .>> gentleman where does the grill



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