Twists Of Holday Foods And Drinks

“Iron Chef” Judge, Restaurateur, and Cookbook Author Donatella Arpaia shares with us tips on how to put a creative flare to our favorite foods and drinks.
if you’re hosting a holiday party or bringing a dish, we have yummy twists. here to serve up ideas is judge restaurant tour and cookbook author donatella arpaia. >> good morning, dao. >> you’ve got a fabulous spread in front of you. what are some simple things we can do to update our holiday menu? >> one thing that’s a huge hit at my restaurant is a poinsettia martin in punch bowls. they can be retro but i’ve updated it. it’s important to have a signature cocktail. if you have guests that come early it’s something to do. it’s martini row sat toe which is a vermouth. it’s with sparkling wine, martin in asti. palpomegranate and simple syrup. put it in a beautiful bowl and details are important. i love pomegranate seeds with sugar. it’s very festive and fun. top it off with sparkling wine. really perfect when entertaining. another thing i like to do is update old clasics. for dessert, a whi



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