Twisted Sisters Cake

Twisted Sisters Cake
segment. >> we have dinner here. i know you have dessert. >> looking for the perfect gift for your valentine’s let the owners of twisted sister cupcakes help. they are here. welcome to both of you. they really are sisters. i had no idea. but really what we want to know about this morning is the cupcakes. we want to start by the big pink van parked outside right now. >> the pink diva van. >> got the nam from our customers she has a mind of her own she spends more time at the spa than i do. people like to chase her. she absolutely loves it. she is on our facebook page or on twisted sisters cupcakes.com which is our website underneath our calendar. >> if folks want to place an order and meet up to get the order they need to place the order? >> we can place the order any time. we recommend you do it before 10:00 p.m. so we can make sure we baked enough for you the next day by going to ts cup



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