Twisted Sisters

Twisted Sisters
married and i will be live chatting with you. >> wedding week continuing on the hampton roads show. if you are looking for the alternative to the traditional cake we have the perfect solution for you. >> cassandra and tracy are back with tasty ideas. they are the owners of twisted sister cupcakes. really sisters. we haven’t hung enough around them to know if they are twisted yet. >> a little bit. >>> do you see people moving away from the traditional cakes for something like this? >> people enjoy having cupcakes at their wedding they are fun. they offer versatility for flavors and get to express their personality. >> i think looking at this i can see the display. they say you eat with your eyes. this looks really yummy. is this what you would do for a wedding setup? >> we have the lemon with lemon kurd inside a lavender cupcake and chocolate and prom granite. these are some of our fun fl



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