Twist On Angell: Tailgate Lunchbox

Jeff Tahlmore from Twist on Angell creates a Tailgate Lunchbox cocktail for Sunday’s big game.
ic drink, we’re getting ready for game day, making a tailgate lunch –. box an here to show us how is jeff talmore from twist on angell. good morning, jeff. >> good morning. >> it looks a little intimidating and for those of o you at home, we have a lotav on the table. we have beer. . i mean, there’s — >> southern comfort.mf am. >> orange juice. >> you’re going to combine all in of these. >> yes, we are. >> put my mind at ease and tell me how they’re going to work. >> southern comfort. this is our tailgate lunch box. we wanted to think of something fun for super bowl sunday. >> there you go. throw a little everything in there. >> amare t o. i used to take these back in college,. >> oh, really. who ar e you rooting for in the big game? >> definitely green bay. absolutely. without a question. >> all right. >> all right quick little shake. nothing major. i have my glass nice and ready. >>



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