Twist On Angell: Pomegranate & Blueberry Martini

Jeff Tahlmore from Twist on Angell makes a Pomegranate & Blueberry Martini.
all right, you win. fine. >> today’s delicious drink recipe will get you in the mood for spring and of courirse, the weekend. jeff talmore from twist onst angell joins me now and we’re going t o make a pomegranite and wild blueberry martini. it sounds delicious.s ci >> we’re going to take stoli vodka. >> you know how much that is with the t pour. about an ounce and a half of pome liquor, which we’re running out of, d ue to the fact we made mitch one earlier and he ended up spilling it over one of the staff members. that will do it for that bottle there. >> okay. y. what are we adding now? >> this is stirrings blueberry. >> this is what, blueberry juice. >> stirrings makes a great product. >> okay. >> all natural blueberry juice there. >> as always — >> my favorite part. here we go. >> there we go. >> perfect. >> i think i gave it a good shake today. it’s a good one. >> right in the mart



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