Twist On Angell: Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Jeff Tahlmore from Twist on Angell is making the delicious drink, Chocolate Covered Strawberry.
drink is in honor of valentine’sle day. joing me this morning to show how to breakho it is jeff from twist on angel, my valentine, of course. good morning. what are we making today? >> we will do a chocolate covered strawberry march teeny. >> yum. >> with the chocolate covered strawberries on the side. this is nice and easy. asjust make it simple. can berry concentrate. so we’ll add a little bit of that. >> now did you make that yourself? >> i did, yes. >> i know you’ve made it in the past. >> cook them down with a little bit of sugar and push it through a fine sieve or strainer. ailittle bit of strawberry. then you’re going to shake. >> i get to shake it? >> you do. >> all right. my favoriteav part. >> there you are. have at it. >> give it a valentine’sne shake. nice. i love it today. nifty topper. and i see around the rim you’ve done something? >> yeah, around the rim. >>im very effere



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