TV Maitre D’ Dec 25

Joe Zito visits local Rhode Island restaurants.
it twicm e, it’s holiday time, and the next half hour is gonna be nice! >>? jingle bells, jingle bee llss, ? jingle all the way… ? >> ( tv maitre d ‘ theme plays ) >> happy holidays, welcome to tv maitre d’. i’m joe zito, and i’m coming to you today from the award-winning capital grille in providence. you know, with almost 40 restaurants across the united states, i’m proud toat say thatou this was the very first one, the one that set the standard of s excellence we know as the capital grille today. and of course, as is our tradition, i’ve got a spectacular holiday show to go along with it; take a look! i’ve got great friends, fabulous chefs, and wonderful restaurants, from the exciting new look and f eel at providence prime to the intimate charm of elizabeth’s portofino. great holiday party options atrt the popular cowesett inn, andse even stylish cuchina mista.is even the sensational



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