Tuscany Suites And Casino

Ciao Bello! Tuscany Suites and Casino has some of the best values in Las Vegas, from food to accomodations. Julie Hall and Chef Gilberto Martinez from Tuscany Suites joined Dao & Shawn and created “The Morning Blend Special”… an amazing Seafood Risotto dish that you can get at “The Tuscany” all this month, with a tasty glass of wine, for an incredibly low price!
the good stuff. >> first there are two ways to go to tuscany. first either dry to mccarran, fly to new york, wait three hours, fly new york to italy, or you can drive down flamingo. >> this morning we’re giving you a taste of italy with chef gilberto ar martinez and julie hall. thank you for coming. today a shrimp dish. >> i wanted to make risotto, seafood risotto. you can see we have calamari, mussels, shrimp, scallops. >> shawn: stay away. >> dao: let’s get started. >> we start with extra virgin olive oil. then we have to — >> shawn: they call it ev on them o. >> dao: you’ve been watching way too much rachael ray. >> then shallots. i’ll use my fingers. then we all the mussels — >> shawn: as a new england guy. >> dao: five second rule. >> shawn: what’s going on, you’ve been spared. what are we going to name this? our pet of the week. >> dao: you’re so funny. >> shawn: those shrimp are



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