Tuscany Pizza

Tuscany Pizza
>> hello. >> pie bad. >> we’re just in the kitchen. i’m’s here with nicea for mange pizza sorry. we are trying out the gelato because i feel like mange condition be here without bringing delicious gel ato. >> wild cherry and nutela which has really taken off. i love the wild cherry so i had to switch off and just try it out. >> how often are you having these flavors. i feel like there are always new delicious flavors. >> we’re always switching them out but keep the favorites you love. we keep it available for them. and occasionally it switches out, to once again keeping a commodity, last week i think we had our last with canteloupe a few other flavors we switch them out and keep it pun. >> i love it. speaking of keeping it fun we’re doing a tuscanee pizza right now. will you let me help make it. >> yes. no, definitely. i feel like because have i the gloves on. >> you handle that. >> so w



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