Turkey With A Latin Twist

The Sensational Singing Chef Neil Fuentes puts a Latin spin on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
up a notch. you’re in luck. we’re showing you how to put a twist on a traditional list but we’re doing it latin style whomyl else could do thatt but “connecticut style”‘s own sensat ional singing chef, neil fuentes. this is great information. we’re approaching thanksgiving day and folks at home are looking for a way to spice up the menu that day. you say add a latin twist. >> absolutely. >> what do you mean by that? >> you will utilize turkey with you is w onderful to cok but ad flavors by adding adobo and garlic and buter and that wil give you flavor. >> we want our “connecticut style” viewers to know something, you were here last night making a turkey to show you how to cok the neil fuentesue way. >> i’ve been cooking since last night. t. >> walk us through. >> we have infused butter i putut basically in an ice cube. and do you see, start ing to separate the skin from the turkey. you s



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