Turkey Soup Recipe

From the Miles family
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” we are in the kitchen with taylor and addie. yay, whoo-hoo! and daddy stayed home because he doesn’t cook much, right? we made him stay home. so here is the deal, i was not allowed to make what i like, because the producer said you cannot take the same thing every year, which is what? >> twice baked potatoes. >> and…? >> deviled eggs. >> yeah, but you guys would have loved it, i know you would. and taylor, you don’t eat many of the things that i cook for yobut you do eat one thing, what is that? >> turkey soup. >> and are you ready? this is something you can make with your left-over turkey. are you ready? >> mm-hmm. >> all right, so in this pan i’ve got some garlic, three cloves, and one onion chopped up, and some celery, and you’re working on that, too, and i have carrots, everything chopped into little bite-sized pieces and i have three tables



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