Turkey Dinner – Average Cost

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. If you haven’t already started shopping for your turkey and fixings you may want to, especially since food prices are dropping… The American Farm Bureau releases its annual Thanksgiving dinner costs. The average cost for a ten-person dinner is forty-two dollars and ninety-one cents. That’s down four-percent from last year. (Sarah Wilson/Young Farmers and Ranchers Program Coordinator) “There is a lot of different factors, factor into that. At the farm level, farmers only receive 23 cents of every food dollar in America and we in the U.S., we spend the least amount of disposable income no food of any nation in the world. So we are very very fortunate and we have a lot to give thanks for that we have farmers and ranchers that are producing such affordable and safe and wholesome food for our country.” The American Farm Bureau looks at the cost of several items when it does this study. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie and milk are just some of the things that make the shopping list. (Sarah Wilson/Young Farmers and Ranchers Program Coordinator) “Milk is now just around 3 dollars a gallon and that was part of the decrease in the 4-percent decrease in the Thanksgiving meal this year.” Back in 1986, when the study was first released, it cost 28-dollars and 74-cents to feed ten people on Thanksgiving.



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