Turkey Carving Tips

Turkey Carving Tips
perfect turkey. let’s start with the pre carving tips. >> you should wait 30 minutes. it will oabsorb the juice. and it will be easier to come off the bone. >> you do not want to pierce it. >> you do not want to appear said with tpierce it. >> you do not need to spend much on a knife. we’re going to take the first joint of the wing off. it will open up right where the joint connects. > this is a straight knife. you will only use the top inch of the nknife. right along the body of the turkey, around the kniwfe. — run the knife. you want to do it on the cutting board. >> do you cook the turkey with the stuffing inside? >> absolutely not. the turkey will not cook well, and you could have a contamination issue. >> now you can see — hold this with your finger. as you are doing that, in turn it lightly. > it is falling right off the bone. >> slice it up. >> cut right there and then. >> do yo



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