Turkey Appetizer

brenda smith from oconto makes a thanksgiving appetizer
amazing. take a look. >> thanks for having me. today we’re going to put together a fun thanksgiving appetize that are all ages can help participate in. there is no cooking. and so long as mom, dad, grandma, aunt or uncle do the chopping, little ones can help, too. first of all, we’re going to start with the turkey breast. this cheese ball needs to be made a day in advance, so therefore, start it the evening before and refrigerate. next we’re going to line the place with romaine lettuce, bib lettuce, or regular lettuce. all around the plate. there. now we start at the back of the plate and start with our tail feathers. what we did was cut up approximately 3-4 large carrots and cut beads in the end to make them like tail feathers. a cute idea. and it takes maybe 14-16 of them for a large platter. this platter is 13 1/2 inches, probably will feed a crowd of about 20. you can make this as sm



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