Turf Valley Libations All Weekend

Learning more about the great libations at the Maryland Food, Libations, and Luxury Home Show at Turf Valley in Ellicott City.
>> reporter: we are out higher live at turf valley. it’s the food, libation, luxury home show. a great event. we are wrapping things up with of course the libations. and dan with legend limited now. we have a wonderful array from the spirits and wine and beer. >> and it’s from all over the world. beers from belgium and vermont and colorado. and easton, pennsylvania. and over on the bottom we have beers from oregon and we have three cream liquor that is are out italy. and a special potatoe vad cay out of idaho. seems. >> seems like the gamut is covered not only in what fering from the types of alcohol and liquor. regionally this is really become a global industry. >> it real hey has. — it really has. there’s thousands of beurre ris in the united states where — beurre ris in the staw — brewerys in the united states where we were down to 1500. >> and some started in garages. >> most star



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