Turbo Fire Pizza – 7/14/17

Turbo Fire Pizza – 7/14/17
[?] >> turbo fire pizza, pizza your way fast and fresh in about 60 seconds. pizza with unlimited toppings starting at $7.25 south on south campbell in the kickapoo shopping center. >> joy: wray collins owner of turbo fire pizza. and general manager kail inman. thank you for coming in! good to see you! >> guest: thank you, joy. thanks for inviting us on the show >> joy: this is kind of a startup, is that fair? >> guest: absolutely. it’s a brand-new consettlemecep. >> joy: i asked where you’re located. two locations in springfield, one is in illinois. that is so funny. don’t let that throw you. >> guest: the tale of two springfields with turbo fire pizza. it’s a new concept. instead of doing round pizzas, we have an oval pizza. that’s unheard of. >> joy: yeah. it’s a different kind of crust. talk about the bread. it’s a naan bread >> guest: it’s an indian naan bread. the way it cooks in th



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