Tuna Poke

Chef Kevin Thiele of Hotel Viking is cooking up some Tuna Poke this morning on The Rhode Show Kitchen,
little in the kitchen right now. pat? >> thank you. y kevin seal from the hoe itro would viking inki newport, back b with us on “th e rhode show” and this looks very healthy.ea. talk aboutlk this morning’s recipe.ci >> we’re goinge’ to do spao cuisin e, this is from our spa menu, hotel pear in hoeplee viking, and we’re making tuna poke, we have cucumbers, fresh mango, soyma s sae, sesame s seeds and soy and differend t tcitrus es in the saciuce and we’re going to mix that a tltogether and a make a salad. >> this has absolutely no cooking involved. vo >> no, no. >> right up my alley. that’s perfect. fe >> and you also y have some spa things over here. >> we were going to talkweoi aboutou it in another segment, my wife is going to be watching, grabat bsome of this stuff for me. you can find this recipe, it will be on our web site, foxprovidence.com and invi the next segment, we’ll talk abo



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