Tuna Nicoise Wrap.

Tolli’s Apizza prepares a Tuna Nicoise Wrap.
costo so we’re here to help you save. >> it is no problem at tolli’s tolli’s apiza, the perfectp place to go if you are on break or at work or having alunch with friends. >> they have a menu full of o deliciouss meals and the best part about it, theoy are allal under $6. here to talk about the menu, anthony and josephina. >> great to have you. we’re excited. you brought a variety of stuff.s this is the thin g to do now, under $6 for lunch. >> $5.59. it is year round. the only one until thte end of august is the tuna wrap. >> and that is a speacial you’re running this month. >> this month,n yes. >> show us some dishes. >> pasta, garlic and oil, penna pomodo, side of meatball. >> look at >>this. >> grilled vleggie wrapr sandwich. we mak e all these ein wraps, also. grilledil eggplant, roastedp dry pepper, we have eggplant parm, mini pizza specials for $5.59 . with cheese and one topeping,



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