Tuesday’s Taste 9/21/10

Tuesday’s Taste 9/21/10
>> patrick is here tos join — is isnot here to join my fda advisory panel, but he is here t bo talk about the taste of tuesday. >> one of the newest dishes is i actually for pizza. we think of baker’s crossed for all of their great breads, itre makes sense that they have great g pizza crust. i love saying his name. their masters — their master french bakerer and one of the co- owners,ow has about this incredible crosust. they’re making new york-style pizza. they hand-toss them. he and his business partner did a lot of research. they have come up with these really i had a buffalo mozzarella and a basil. this one had shaved potatoes and time. center so you could fit the cross — there was an egg in the center, so you could dip the crust. the other thing that is on everybody’s mind is the two restaurants said arest on the move. — that are on the move. luna may has been credible — maya h



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