Tuesday’s Taste – 8/17/2010

Tuesday’s Taste – 8/17/2010
that coming and will continue to follow it. >> thank you. time for food happenings you might want to know about. to tell us about everything is hampton roads magazine food editor patrick evans-hylton. >> i am happy to be here. i’ve been riding 15 years about where to eat in hampton roads. i am happy to share some tasty insider tidbits. >> first, a local chef is a finalist in a national contest. >> chef rodney from taryn errapin in virginia beach. there is a nightline show. starting next week, people can go to the website on abc.com for voting. rodney has a new video showing his culinary prowess. it’s a great restaurant, our number one restaurant for our magazine last year. >> that is an honor. >> it is. what a great way to be an ambassador for our region. to let people really know. hopefully he will highlight all of the great restaurants in our area. >> tasty ambassador. vegans and veget



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