Tuesday’s Taste – 12/21/10

Tuesday’s Taste – 12/21/10
>> now we are gathered back in the living room with patrick evans elkhilton. patrick will recommend a perfect gift. he made it for you. he has his own brand and his picture is on the label of the chesapeake bay spice virginia peanuts. >> thank you. i have always been fascinated with the flavors of the region. one of the traditions has been for folks to do seafood ropes, seafood seasoning, crab rubs. i have looked at some recipes. we know the famous crab recipe, which is great but sometimes it has some harshness to it. i have doubled over the years. i have tried to do my own cooking and my own spices and sauces. i have worked on this spice blend. i thought over the summer i came up with something i was pleased with. >> he said it is not salt-based. very tasty. >> there are 28 herbs and spices. >> more than the colonel. he only has 11. >> i started working with belmont penis from southampt



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