Tuesday’s Taste – 11/16/10

Tuesday’s Taste – 11/16/10
will talk about — wrap it up, we will talk about wide selection. >> the most wonderful time of year can be very challenging. there are dietary restrictions. i understand some local restaurants, one in particular wants to help. >> this is diabetes awareness month. one of the greatest chefs in our area have started working with the diabetes center to actually create dishes that are very diabetic-friendly. they are on the menu for the month of november. there is to the — to una. there is also competent and crap signature items. >> i — pumpkin and crab signature items. >> it is so rich, so creamy. he has the seven croutons — cinnamon croutons. all of them are available in november. what is also awesome is, you can go to the website, and actually see cooking videos if you want to try them at home. you can make some of that at home. >> you can learn how to do these things as well. there is



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