Tuesday’s Taste 10/5/10

Tuesday’s Taste 10/5/10
than three to five minutes. >> we will mix it all together. we are going to do that in the next segment and then talk about wine pairting. >> thanks. it is time now for tuesday’s tastes. we need to know more about this and whether it is a single serving or if you have to bring 10 friends. it is that a hot dog on top of it? >> it is crazy. there is this new restaurant called three way cafe. it is owned by the folks that owned baxter’s. they open this for lunch monday through saturday. they have great sandwiches. that is actually a garnish with a quarter pound hot dog on top. >> have you given this a try yet? >> i brought a producer with me for lunch, and we did it our darndest. it is $25. if you finish it in an hour, you get it for free. since this is the morning show, i will not go into detail, but no one has achieved this yet. i want to say that we were victorious, but there was a lot o



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