Tuesday’s Taste – 10/19/10

Tuesday’s Taste – 10/19/10
at. >> we are going to also talk about these traits. >> all right. thank you for coming on it pretty quick we were glued to what was going on in the kitchen it. first up, we are going to talk about the march of dimes signatur chef auction. >> wasn’t that absolutely fabulous? >> it was great. >> there was so many restaurants are raising money for the march of dimes, such a great evening. >> there were a lot of awards also given out of it. only one can take the dish of hampton roads. >> drumroll, please. it wasn’t that fabulous? the judging — we didn’t know but it was so awesome to see the dishes from “the hampton roads show.” we should warn people not to like their screen right now. >> did you try this? >> yes. >> i have never had it before e. >> he is such a great chef. it it literally melts in your mouth. the rich flavors of that pork playing off of the butter not squelch risotto. >> i



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