Tuesdays Taste

Tuesdays Taste
tuesday’s taste patrick evans. we are going to be talking about beverages may be a little bit more than food. but definitely more than we usually do because we have to talk about virginia wine. >> or just had virginia wine month in october. very close to hampton roads on the eastern shore, there are three wineries. holly grove has out of this world wine now called genesis. we are showing the label here. >> isn’t that pretty? >> the feeling is that it is promoting the regional spaceport which is right up the road from that. this is a bordeaux style blend. a really nice rich red wine. what is awesome, too, is they are donating 10% of the proceeds to the virginia space flight academy. >> of, cool. >> and tomorrow they are presenting a bottle for the launch of the space shuttle tomorrow. whether-permitting. >> beer is also becoming pretty popular in the area as well. >> we have a couple of r



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