Tuesday’s Chat!

Mmmm… fattening! What’s your favorite holiday comfort food?
>> dao: it is tuesday, you’re taking a live look outside on the riviera. mark mcgary owner and chef will be on the show in a few minutes. the question is, what is figy pudding? >> shawn: i’m so excited to find out what figy pudding is. i usually google what i don’t know but i’ve never googled figure request pudding. >> dao: it’s very good. i have not tried it but the ingredients are fantastic. similar to a bread pudding and i love bread pudding, especially with rum. yeah. when it’s baked, i like it. also, at riviera they have a ready telephone booth on the strip. the first ever. >> shawn: my gosh. >> dao: they installed it saturday and will have a reveal on wednesday. gulgood morning, i’m dao vu jeets that i going to be my facebook photo. in two weeks you’ll hit the gym and be ashamed of lack of self-control. you’re not supposed to eat your favorite foods? i don’t think so. what’s your f



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