Try This Tasty Treat To Round Out Your Labor Day Meal.

It is easy to do and a perfect end to the meal.
>>> well, i’m joined in the kitchen by my friend paul apana and we are making a patriot parfait because i get the dessert. >> deja vu. i’m back again. there’s nothing wrong out there. this is the fun part and don’t get me wrong, i like healthy food and salads, but come on. >> you work out a lot. >> i workout with my kids. i’m chasing them around. >> don’t lie to me, i know your secrets. >> this one is really fun. the most important thing is you want to cook it probably two to four hours ahead of time because you want to chill everything. it has a blueberry and strawberry compote. whipped cream, lemon cream. now for those of you wondering what a compote is? that really simple. it’s a fruit with some water and sugar. simmer it over a low heat for about five minutes and what happens is — >> you get the little extra. >> if you get a look at it. it gets on the liquid side, but nice and thick



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