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Put a southwestern twist on traditional shrimp scampi with linguini
some point. >> let’s get started. ? [music] ? >> we are kicking things off in the kitchen this morning with chef laura from celebrated cuisine. you were dancing to elmo and cookie monster, weren’t you? >> i am a chef so cookie monster, i think there is a connection. >> i do, too. what are we cooking? it smells delicious. >> i’d like to say your show inspired me for this dish. >> we try to do that to everybody out there. >> so i created a sonoran shrimp dish. we’re using flavors of the southwest and a ke on what people in the u.s. call shrimp scampi which a little education, scampi is italian for lobster. so when we say shrimp scampi here, we’re saying shrimp lobster. but the name of the menu items connotes shrim that has garlic, butter and 0ive oil. what we need to do, i did my spin, right? so i’m marinating our shrimp in a little bit of unsalted butter that was melted combined with extr



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