Try This Pork Chop Recipe For Dad’s Day Pt 2

Dad’s love to grill, and they will love this tasty recipe.
with chef jean paul. we are finishing off our chipotle rubbed pork chops. i wish people could see how funny you are in the commercial breaks because you are really a hoot. >> thank you. appreciate that. it is the audience that brings it out in me. thank you so much. you guys are awesome. >> i will be here all week. >> when they follow me around i feel so much better. >> we have your entourage, buddy. let’s get to the goods here. stop being funny. >> informative part. marinade we made before. essentially put the pork chops in a bag with the marinade. one to four hours or overnight depending on the intensity you want. >> depending on the heat intensity? >> all of it. >> okay. because the longer it sits the longer it will actually flavor it and penetrate the meat beccuse it is a solid thing. don’t leave it in too long. it will actually cook the meat. don’t want that. it will try it out. cor



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