Truffled Arrancini

We’re cooking Truffled Arrancini with Spiced Pear at The Chanler Hotel.
>> let’s head over to the kitchen right now. danielle is over there.ov >> we are considering wedding week i f the kitchen todayen aaynd wend haveha chefhe thomas duffy fromm thehe spiced pear with us thisr u morning. we’re going to be making truffled airf arrancini. a what do we have. >> chopped onions, butter, chicken stock, truffles, truffles, oil, and parmesan cheese. >> and this would be ane appetizerr for a we hadding in. >> yes. y we do a — for a wedding? >> yes. we do a lot of appetizers for weddings. >> why do you recommend it as ann appetizers for a we hadding in. h >> first of all, it’lls vegetarian, sota everyone can eat it, and everybody likes rice.. >> everybody likes truffles too,rus wonderful ingredient to t put in the appetizer. you of course can head toea t foxprovidence.com to get all theco g ingredients for a recipent and now we’re going to send things back ng over to



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