Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Dina Mitchell from Tropical Smoothie Cafe fed Dao & Shawn while talking about 24-hour locations, brand new sandwiches, and the very tasty, low-calorie Blue Lagoon smoothie!
blend! i’m starving, and as part of my mission to get free breakfast every day, our next guest has made me smile. tropical smoothie cafe has over a dozen locations featuring, gourmet sandwiches…wraps ..and of course the smoothie- here with us is — dina mitchell from tropical smoothie! – tropical smoothie cafe is great… it’s something that no one else seems to offer… healthy fast food! – i’m lazy… how many drive- thru’s do you have in the valley? – i live in the southwest…and i was amazed to see a 24 hour tropical smoothie. what’s the demand like? how many 24 hour locations do you have? – what do you use inside your smoothies? – ask about blue lagoon – ask about blue lagoon smoothie cafe-dot-com



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