Triplet Cheeseburger At McD

Triplet cheeseburger at McD
story about three brothers who have customers doing a triple take haat the drive-through. 3 3nats – “hello sir how may i help you?” “hello sir how may i shelp you?” “hello sir how may i help you?”the question is are tyou seeing triple? or is this simply an over aggressive sttempt at repetion?nats – “hello welcome to mcdonald’s how may i help you”actually they’re the 3 new employees at the mcdonalds near hulen mall in fort worth. “there’s 3 triplets that work here, well obviously they’re triplets, but its strange because it like its the same person its wild”no matthew, mark and luke wilborn are not the same person…”they may be triplets ha ha ha ha”…but they’re definitely triplets working the 3 drive up windows… “it was weird but it inwas cool”and its kinda messing with the customers heads “i said i didn’t realize it but i was seeing triplets”and the triplets say they’re having a bla



Found Country:US