Triple Layer Brownie

door county coffee layered brownie
them. a secret recipe. >> tell me about these brownies, i’m a sucker for brownies, they look amazing. >> these are great. it was created by our baker, kay bacon, had heart surgery so she is not here with us right now. but we’re trying to do what she does. i hope we’re making it as good. it’s just loved by all the customers. one of our greatest desserts. >> looks like a few different layers. >> it is. 3 different layers, and you freeze it in between so you can spread the layers. >> put me to work here. >> first of all, we’ve got 8-ounces of chocolate. >> this is cool. i’m not familiar with this. >> just the chocolate pouches. you can use the blocks of chocolate or — it’s unsweetened. so you have to use the unsweetened stuff. >> these are cool. they’re already melted. it comes right out of the packet. >> use the entire box. >> this is a sheet cake. >> okay. lots of brownies, then. >> i’m



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