Trip On A Tank

In the past month we have taken you across western North Dakota to some fun and unique places. These Journey’s on a Tank of Gas give you a cheap option to get away. This week, Brad Feldman takes us to a sweet place where you can have a different experience. (Patti Patrie/ Patries Raspberries on the Prairie) Hi, I’m Pattie Patrie and You are at Patrie’s Raspberries on the Prairie. Located just outside of Bowdon, this Raspberry Farm is eager to welcome all pickers. Since the early 1990’s, the Patrie Family has planted sweet and juicy raspberries. (Patti Patrie/ Patries Raspberries on the Prairie) We met another farmer from Canada who put his five children through college on raspberry sales. He was a grain farmer also so we thought we would try it and we put in an acre and a half and iot went well. This year, the Patrie’s have three and a half acres of raspberries ready for you to pick…and enjoy. (Patti Patrie/ Patries Raspberries on the Prairie) People have a lot of good memories of picking when they were children as well and they will talk about that when they are here. (Sound – door opening) Now that you have fresh raspberries, you will want to come into this old kitchen to see what other raspberry treats you can find. How about frozen raspberry jam, raspberry coffee, raspberry kuchen, raspberry candle, raspberry vinegar…raspberry…alright, you get the idea. The Patrie’s passion for raspberries grows every year. (Patti Patrie/ Patries Raspberries on the Prairie) There is going to be some day that we will have to work ourselves out of this so I am willing to help someone start. But until that day comes, the Patrie’s will continue to offer a memorable experience to all of those people willing to pick themselves some fresh raspberries. In Bowdon Brad Feldman KX News Patti says you should call them to make sure there are enough berries ready to pick before making the trip. You can reach them at 701-962-3355. Also, once you pick your berries, you can use their on-site kitchen to make your own jam.



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