Trio Of Lamb, Filet And Tuna

We’re cooking a trio of lamb, filet and tuna in the kitchen with Chef Mike Civali from Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Winebar.
switching gears in morning, we want to heado in to the “the rhode show”e ” kitchen, because patrick, there i s like a flight t of meat inea there, which i’m excited about andte i’m als io wondering if chef mike will whip me up a hur aricane to t drink? >> i don’t know, he can probably ro know how to do that, whip up a hurricane for elizabeth. >> give me a minute ore two, we can work itwo out. >> how about thisbo trio, lamb, fillet and tuna. mike from fleming’s with us this uhi morning. if you’re going to get trapped in your home because of a storm, maybe you want to have mike commie over and fire up this little concoction. what have you got? >> it’s september, our month of discovery, which someone of ourch busiest months o f the year, and this one, what we’ve done is the old saying, goes bad things happen in i three, so this month we’re could i go good things happen in three, is we’re do



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