Trim Healthy Table

Trim Healthy Table
does return, though, early on sunday. >> all right, thanks, anthony. you know, for me the words trim, healthy and mama don’t always go in the same sentence. at least right now. but we are looking to change that. >> that’s what the authors of the trim healthy mama cook books. we are joined live to help prepare a trim and healthy table. good morning to you both. >> hi. >> good morning. >> well i always notice the t.h.m. when i am on pinterest. share some of your favorites. >> yeah, it really exploded because we just do family friendly hearty recipes. it’s fall. right? so we want comfort food. hearty food. >> like hearty chili that’s absolutely delicious. this is like hormel like book-wearing man food. >> and we call it tricked out chili. it’s so hearty. it feeds a family and sometimes after dinner it’s 10:00 p.m. and you want that bowl of cereal? this fills you up like your kids like they



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