TRF Preview

This clip aired at 5 on 7/10/09.
just about an hour, along with a few other events planned for tonight. but the big question may be: with a struggling economy, will people come? nats: good morning! it started out like any other pre-opening morning, with making sure vendors have safety at top of mind. nats: just here to expect you and make sure you’re following fire code. organizers aren’t scaling back, and in fact, are preparing for even more people compared to 2008’s attendance. “we feel that we were in the neighborhood of 400,000 to 500,000 people when you look at all the events that occured. this year, when you base it on the other festivals that have been happening in the surrounding areas, we woudl project that we be up quite a bit” “this is the second-largest event in the state of indiana we have almost all the events free except for the concerts” that’s because organizers say more people are taking stay-cations i



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