Tree Topper

Bartender Valerie Mullins of Cowesett Inn joins us this morning to show viewers how to make the holiday drink “Tree Topper.”
a little cold a outit here. >> a little bit. >> back to you guys. >> we’re celebrating the 12 drinks of christmas, where each day, we’ll be making a different beverage for you and your families and you were friends an everyone elsee that wants a dr drink. valerie from cowesett inn, what wh are we making m today? >> we’re going to make a tree topper. get some cider , maybe you want to mull it on the stove with orange or cinnamon. >> i like the tcolor. >> and then we’re going to hitit it with a splash of this cherry syrup. >> i love cherry. stir it up. nice. >> and top it o ff with a cinnamon stick.am and now make surema that you remember to come in and visit between now and the first of the th year. and your first drink, whenin you mention us, will be half off j. winnic k. >> there’s nothing>> wrong with that. let’s try this. here we have go. >> oh. >> nice, right? >> tasty. cameraman ric



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