Treaty Rock Farm NY Strip

We’re cooking Treaty Rock Farm Skillet Seared New York Strip with rosemary roasted root vegetables, broccolini, crimini mushrooms, and black truffle oil with Local 121 in the kitchen.
the kitchen right now.. vince, what have you got cooking?in >> we have cooking, a restaurantre namedd local 121 and we’ve got dave johnson, the headhe chef herefer and what we’re talking aboutbo is a little different today. we’re talking green. no,no i came in here earlier andnd i saw in the rundown that we had beef and i’m saying to myself,, green beef, how do you equate green with beef angrd i sawiid deeave, what’s up with the green t and he said well, the cowshe eat the green grass, hence the green.ee correct? >> correct. c but also, it’s local beef. >> right. >> so shopping s locally, isy, very sustainable, good for t he cooking industry. >> so what makes thisth better inin your mind, than something that is mass produced, that isn’tsn fed, treated the way you treat your beef? >> well, the animals are treated mainly. >> meaning what? >> they’re bred like ine small — s the families do



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