Travelin Tennessee: Magic On A Bun

Local hotdog stand serves different kinds of hotdogs.
summer like a good ole fashioned hot dog. dog. from sauerkraut to cole slaw… everyone seems to have a favorite way to top the tasty treat. tonight… one east nashville hot doggery is changing the way people eat them . . fox 17’s miranda cohen takes us to a place with an unusual name…that fills the bellies of hot dog lovers.. lovers.. as she goes travelin’ tennessee. tennessee. it is the fabulous hot dog stand with the funny name. name ” this is i dream of weenie.” weenie.” ” i dream of weenie” weenie” ” i dream of weenie” owner alisa martins says it all started when her business partner had a dream of his own… own… owner alisa martin says:”brett rolled over in the middle of the night and said to his wife…don’t you think people would go eat a hot dog stand called “i dream of weenie” and she said ” sure…now go back to sleep” but martin, brett mcfadden and wayne goodwin…didn’



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