Traditional German Saurbraten

We’re cooking Traditional German Saurbraten with Redlefsen’s Rotisserie & Grill in The Rhode Show kitchen.
a german for a day. is that right, vince? >> i am. i have to be honest with you, i haven’t really ry tasted a whole lot of food, except bratwurst when i go to go wisconsin, but the hard core german fooder, i have it made, i haven’tav really had it. with me is joe wilson from redlefsen’s and what have you got for us? >> basically what we’re going to do today is simplify a saurbratan, aat traditional germaonn dish, i’ve done some d research on it. what we do is kind of a new trend on it, because of the cut of beef and so forth. originally it was done with a chuck, this is done with an eye of the round. nd we have two procedures that we go through, one is the marinade, to set the beef, and thatth goes with clove, bay leaf, pafepper corn, onion, lemon juice and red edwine and the marinade comes out to be something like this. this particular one over here has been set for five days, setda mea



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