Tracey’s Omelette Served With Homefries

Tracey’s omelette served with homefries and grilled English Muffins with Riverside Kitchen, New York System. This omelet was inspired by one of Riverside Kitchen’s customers.
post. >> thanks court. we’re going to head over to h the kitchen and pat, we’re cooking up breakupfast, b right? >> we are.>> from e riverside kitchen, this is jerdo and he’ss already — jerod and he’s alreadyan started. i can’t tell you how great it is to see all this breakfast food, because we talked earlier, wewe eat a lot of dinner foods on the “the rhode show,” which is okh for us, we’re up at 3:00 a.m. you’re looking a lot, but what’s the main dithsh? >> the featured omelette is one of ourur customer inspired i omelette. it’s hash onions and creandm cheese an we’re going to’ro serve that with ourth special homefries. which is homefrih es will havese the he green peppers,ep onions, w hich is really a nice combination. it goes really good with it. >> ok. there’s some of the eringredients right there. i’m going to turn off the fan for a second, so we can hear you talk about the ingred



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