TPD Fundraiser Successful

More than $70,000 was raised at the BBQ Fundraiser for the fallen officer families.
curtis and jeffrey kocab. >> i figured we can get at least 20 or 25,000 a piece. >> reporter: two days after a fundraiser for the families of slain officers the organizers are ecstatic about the turnout. >> the event was great. it was two and a half weeks, a hectic, rough two and a half weeks but it was great. >> reporter: over the weekend the fundraiser raised over $70,000 for the two families. pete said it was a little surprising. there are so many people to thank that showed up with the parking lot full of grills. he said it will never have grown or got as big as it was without all the community support. >> we made this much money but it hasn’t surprised me with the response. the response has been great. >> reporter: from ribs to a bake sale to a charity auction this weekend’s event was a big



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