Tortilla Soup And Pork Chops

Tortilla soup and pork chops
new book. >> i’m hanging out with john delucie who just wrote this bok “the hunger.” i thought, is this a vampire book? >> i stole the title from the vampire movie, david bowie. >> this is a really serious picture of you. >> it kind of doesn’t really look like me. >> so we’re going to make assume. this smells so good. >> this is corn tortillas. >> mmm. can you smell that, guys? >> we’re going to make tortilla soup, which is basically mexican chicken soup. >> a little oil and a litle — >> some olive oil and onions. i have some jalapeno here, which i’m going to dice. i have some dry oregano. my chicken stock, tomatoes. and then of course i have my tortilla. and we’re going to let that simmer for an hour. i’ve cut my tortillas into strips in the meantime and deep-fried them. basically off frito. >> it’s more natural. it’s like the real deal. i have my chicken on top. and if that wasn’t eno



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