Top Chef’s Spike Mendelsohn

Cook Up Some Summertime Classics With A Gourmet TwistnWith Top Chef’s Spike MendelsohnnAuthor Of The Good Stuff Cookbook: burgers, fries, shakes, wedges and more
>>> and it is time to cook up some summertime classics with a gourmet twist with top chefs spike mendleson. he wrote the bok, this book. the “good stuf” cookbook. he is right here right now on “the morning blend.” good morning, spike. we are happy to have you here in southwest florida. >> good morning, bil. i wish i was in southwest florida. it looks beautiful. >> even if you can’t come yourself can you send us a fabulous burger you are about to prep this morning? >> absolutely. before i get into the food i want to tell you what an unbelievable year i have been having. >> all right. >> i opened up my new restaurant and the good stuff cookbook out. one of my shining moments this year also was i got to give back to the community a little bit. i teamed up with don professional and launched make your restaurant shine campaign and awarded an aplicant $20,000 and a free consultation how to app



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