Top Chef Richard Blais Cooks With Liquid Nitrogen

Top Chef Richard Blais cooks with Liquid Nitrogen
your is better. i’m a distance there. >> what are we doing? >> we have our sous vide. we did that. we have the fresh living. the bags are absolutely food safe. if that’s a question that anyone asks. we have our beef that’s cooked all day. we need a sauce. what works well with this is horseradish. doing that is too simple though. we’re going to make horseradish ice cream. >> all right. >> silence. wait for it to register. >> we have our ice cream base and we have horseradish. this is an ice cream machine, but really it’s not, it’s a mixer. we brought the tank of liquid nitrogen. we have a 600-pound tanks. >> that’s what that one is? >> yeah. >> height wise. >> we have our nitrogen and then we are going to put this in our bowl. this is a plastic bowl. we will see how it works. if it breaks or explodes, it’s good tv anyway. >> i’m a trained professional. don’to this at home. >> i do this al



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