Top Chef Richard Blais

Top Chef Richard Blais
>> and we are still in the kitchen with nitrogen and fire and — >> blais! >> we get to the fun part. >> okay. >> as a chef, it’s one part craft, one part art. now we get a chance to have fun. i’m going to let you guys do most of the work. >> delegate. >> we’ve seen the steps we is had to do. who gets the blow torch. >> we will take these pieces for the final dish. >> it’s like a loaded gun. >> pull the bottom lever down and it’s ready. this came out of the broiler of the steakhouse. keep it going. >> when it’s time, you’re going to do the nitrogen. i will give you this spoon for the nitrogen to scoop out the herbs. make sure you don’t have water on your hands. he makes out with the christmas story or something like that. >> well, no — i can touch it. if your hands are wet — i see what you’re saying. >> i will start plating the rest of the dish. you have a good amount of char there. an



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