Top Chef Kevin Gillespie’s Turkey Revolution

Find Out the Holiday Cooking Techniques of a Fascinating Chef who chose Culinary Arts over an MIT Education nnThere aren’t many Celebrity Chefs who list nuclear physics, survival training, tattoos, motorcycles and pitching horseshoes among their favorite interests. But then, Kevin Gillespie is no ordinary Chef. Since the Atlanta native was voted a “fan favorite” on the Emmy-winning show TOP CHEF, the entire world has come to know his Southern charm and ingenious recipes. You will have the chance to see how Chef Gillespie is combining his own recipes and a new infrared grilling technology to create the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.
Away so it is time to start thinking about how to cook your turkey. Joins us from a beautiful backyard near atlanta is top chef mans kevin gillespie with a hot idea how to start a new tradition. He is with the wod fire grill in atlanta and a true personality in the culinary world. He chose cooking over a chance to go to m. I. T. And lists nuclear physics among your hoppy, chef, is that right?nnThat is very true, yes.nnSo what is it about cooking that made you decide to do that, to pick a career over which, i don’t know, more power to you!nnWell, you know, i’ve loved to cook my entire life. Ever since i was a little kid. Cooking is a lot about science. So it is not like i don’t get to do any science nowdays.nnDo you have to understand nuclear physics then to know how to cok a turkey? I hope not.nnAbsolutely not. You don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to took a turkey. Cooking a turkey i



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