Top Chef Event Enlivens ‘Bite Of Bend’

Things heated up on the streets of Bend Sunday for ‘Seafood Day’ at the Bite of Bend Top Chef competition.
the streets of bend today as the bite of bend coinued. it was “seafood day” at the top chef competition where participants used their creativity to wow the judges. chefs have forty five minutes and only the ingredients in the top ef pantry to make their dishes. event organizers say they pick the very best chefs from around town to compete and the competition is always heated. ### “the winner of this competion will go on to compete at the bite of oregon, so there are other rounds going on around the state and then bite of oregon invites all of those chefs to come and compete in the final there.” the winner of today’s events will be competing against the top chef from last year from kokane cafe. the competition and bite of bend both wrap up tonight. ### it certainly was a great



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